Sunday, 4 April 2010

May 31st 5047 BC - 23:37

The Ark may have been pitched from bow to stern to make it float, but why didn't we think to waterproof the roof?!! I really need to check that 'How to build an Ark that WORKS' scroll again. Anyway, the rain is coming in all over the place and it's a real problem. My supply of writing parchment got wet, and instead of my log looking like a neatly scribed text, it looks more like the spadefoot toads have been dancing on it! Still, I at least I don't have to carve my log in stone like my forefathers used to, so I have to thank the wonders of modern technology! I can't imagine that anything will ever come along that will be better than ink and parchment for keeping a record!!

On a more positive note, the grapes seem to have got a little too ripe. Okay, a LOT too ripe. My wife started complaining that they were ruined and we'd have to get rid of them, so I decided to eat some anyyway, just to show her that they really weren't so bad (and to keep her quiet). I have to say, they made me feel... gooooooood!

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