Wednesday, 21 April 2010

June 15th 5047 BC - 13:23

He's getting really annoying now. Everything he looks at in the ark he says "oh you shouldn't have done it that way, you should have done it this way!" What would he know? I mean, who's ever heard of a dove-tail joint anyway, and what good is a dove's tail in making a strong wooden joint? He's so full of it! How he landed such a fine young lady as Sarah I've no idea. He did say something that was interesting though. He said what a pity it was that we'd lost our homes and everything we'd worked so hard to build, and wouldn't it be nice if there was a way to cover us for this kind of thing. It's given me an idea! Now the world (what's left of it) knows that terrible things actually can happen, I can suggest that everyone pays me a small amount on a regular basis. Then if something terrible happens again I'll pay them compensation. Of course, as terrible things don't happen all that often, I'll make more than I may have to pay out! It's genius!! Mind you, God can move in mysterious ways, so I might have to exclude any 'act of God' from this 'insurance' (for want of a better name)...

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