Thursday, 15 April 2010

June 7th 5047 BC - 15:37

Still feeling poorly. Ham's wife made some fish soup, which I managed to get inside me, and so far it's stayed there. I don't know what she put in the soup - it tasted a bit odd to me, but maybe that's down to my nausea. Anyway, it's nice to be resting even though I feel bad. I don't remember the last time I had any peace and quiet. Definitely not since before I started building the ark, and that feels like a very long time ago. On the subject of time, I think we should start counting the years. I mean, saying "four years ago" is ok, but without a point of reference, it really doesn't mean anything to anyone else. This log is a perfect example - someone could be reading it two hundred years from now, and if I write "2 years ago", they won't know when that was in relation to them or the rest of the world. Whereas, if we start counting from now and I write "2 years before I started counting years around the time of the great flood that covered the world when all beasts that creepeth and hoppeth and wriggleth came onto my very big boat in twos and sevens with me and my family", the reader would know that it was two hundred years plus two ago! Ok, I may need to find a shorter way to write it... maybe just "Noah"! Then people can say "two hundred years after Noah"! Thinking about it, would the first year be "0" or "1"...?

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