Thursday, 1 April 2010

May 28th 5047 BC - 10:23

I couldn't tell you where we are now, but there's a lot of black rock-oil floating on the water's surface. I certainly hope we don't end up in this dirty place!

I mentioned last night over dinner about how it would have been nice to have some recreational facilities on the Ark, and Ham got very excited. He said how nice this would all be if it wasn't raining, as if it were some kind of vacation! We all laughed of course. I mean, who would get on a ship for fun? I'd understand if you need to get somewhere on the other side of a large body of water - especially if you have a lot of animals to carry - but for a vacation? It will never happen. Ham even went so far as to say you could have somewhere to swim on the ship, like a swimming 'pool', at which point the rest of us started laughing uncontrollably. Sometimes I wonder if that boy really is my son...

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