Saturday, 3 April 2010

May 30th 5047 BC - 11:31

Another day another problem. Apparently there's a hole in the roof. One of the doves managed to escape and there was pandemonium! I had a feeling the gopher wood I used was inferior. 10-year guarantee my foot! Wait until I get my hands on the man who sold it to me! Well, I suppose he won't be selling any more of it. What goes around comes around.

Anyway, I had to climb on one of the giraffe's backs to reach the roof so I could patch it up, but as I was balancing, trying to hold the new wood in one hand and the hammer and nails in my other, the dove flew back in. The giraffe was startled, I lost my balance and fell off. Thankfully there's plenty of sawdust and straw everywhere, but even so I'm sure I'll have a nasty bruise on my backside tomorrow. I don't feel much like repairing the hole now either. If the doves want to fly off it's up to them. We'll see just how far they get!

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