Friday, 16 April 2010

June 10th 5047 BC - 11:58

It's been three days and I'm still feeling under the weather (literally!). In fact I think I'm getting worse! Anything that goes inside me comes out again almost immediately, and not only from my mouth! I'm beginning to think I may have eaten something bad. I asked Ham's wife about the fish she's been using for the soup, and she told me it was a very good catch. So good, she said, that she's been "making it last for ages". Then she told me that Shem, Hapheth and Ham are also sick, but she refused to agree that it was something we had eaten, saying it was just a coincidence that we'd been the only ones to eat her soup. Then she said something about "men's lower tolerance for illness and pain", but I'm sure that can't be true. I asked her why none of the women had eaten the soup, and she said they'd been stuffing themselves with olives and weren't hungry. Hmmm, olives... stuffed... I wonder. Anyway, no more fish soup, and I'm going to ask Shem's wife to do the cooking from now on.

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