Wednesday, 14 April 2010

June 6th 5047 BC - 10:21

So much for divine intervention - just as we were beginning to get through to Hapheth's wife (I can never remember her name), a great storm blew up from God knows where! I've seen some storms in my time, but this one really took the biscuit! Just as my iron constitution went out the port-hole (along with the contents of my stomach), Hapheth's wife burst out of the store room screaming about the thunder and lightning! She was so scared that she completely forgot about the calf. I managed to stagger in and saw it lying calmly on the floor, but the stench of the sweaty room hit my stomach hard and I had to leave VERY quickly. Now the storm has subsided, but the mere thought of cooked calf makes me feel very sick... even writing about it makes me fe..... oh no not again...! excuse me...

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