Wednesday, 21 April 2010

June 14th 5047 BC - 15:42

I hate to say it but everything seems a lot better since our unexpected guests joined us. Sarah has taken over the cooking, and now every meal is delicious! I don't know how she does it - even the water tastes better! She's also been busy cleaning, and the living quarters are nicer than they've ever been! Wotsisname has been busy too - he's repaired the leaks in the roof (and there were a LOT), he's mended some of the animal pens that were in need of repair, and he's even started cleaning up the animal mess! Actually he seems a little too eager to help, which for some reason I find kind of annoying. Nevertheless, I can't help thinking that my lot haven't quite been putting in maximum effort (which again begs the question of why God chose me and my family!). Anyway, I'm certainly grateful for the help, the energy, the youth and the enthusiam. I suppose I should be grateful for his also...

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