Wednesday, 7 April 2010

June 3rd 5047 BC - 16:22

My wife was still angry with me today, and unfortunately there aren't many places to go on this Ark to get some peace and quiet. Still, the store is as good a place as any, so I spent most of the day in there drinking my special drink. Coincidentally I feel a bit under the weather - dizzy and nauseous. I guess I must have eaten something bad. It can't be that bad though, because I feel like I really really love my wife and my three sons, and their wives, and all the beasts that creepeth and slithereth and glideth... even the yukky little beasts that slimeth. I love them all!!!

I'm feeling very philosophical... I keep asking myself "Why me?" I really wish I'd asked God when he was telling me about building the Ark and the animals and everything, but the thought never crossed my mind! I suppose it's easy to become blasé about miracles and acts of God with them happening so often, and it probably always will be. I know I'm glad to be alive of course, but when I look at my sons and their wives, I wonder what sort of future they can bestow on this World. As it is, their kin are going to have to marry each other, and I'm not sure the outcome will be the best start for the new world. And that's assuming that between them they can manage at least one boy and girl! In all honesty I have my doubts...

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