Tuesday, 6 April 2010

June 2nd 5047 BC - 10:03

Yesterday I tried my grape drink idea, and it was very successful! This new drink tastes different to grape juice, so I must give it a name. I will think about this. I drank a lot of it yesterday evening, and yet I have a headache again today, so it's obviously not from drinking too little. Must be some other reason...

Apart from enjoying my new drink, I had a bad night last night. My wife was angry with me for going to bed very late, and she said my breath smelled like rotten grapes. I was feeling quite amorous - not a small feat for a 600-year-old - and I made my mood very obvious. She said she wouldn't have bed-time union with me unless I was the last man on Earth! When I pointed out that, apart from her three sons, I was the last man on Earth, she just rolled over and went to sleep. I wasn't sleepy so I went back to the store and had more of my special drink. I woke up on top of one of the giant tortioses. God knows how I got there!

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