Monday, 29 March 2010

May 25th 5047 BC - 12:53

With all the rush to get this ship built and the animals on board, I've had little time to contemplate what it all means in the grand scheme of things. I've also had little time to organise cleaning up all the animals mess. Must do something about that! With hindsight it would have been nice to have had a bit more warning about this flood, and enough time to make this ship just a bit more... comfortable. It's all well and good having a place for each and every pair of beasts, and space for all their foods, and designing it so that they don't eat each other, but it would have been nice if God had included some recreational facilities for us humans. I'm fed up with playing 'I-Spy' every day. Personally I wouldn't know one type of kangaroo from another! I said to my wife that I'm a farmer, not a zoologist, and she said "Then why you got the job God only knows!"

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